Improving Parent Child Relationships - a complete parenting curriculum

An Innovative and Enjoyable Parenting Education Curriculum

There are two ways to take advantage of the Improving Parent-Child Relationships curriculum:

  • "Four Keys to Successful Parenting"
    A 1-hour program available by immediate online streaming for $4.95 (access for one month)
  • "Improving Parent-Child Relationships"
    A 10-Hour DVD Set (5 DVDs) complete parenting curriculum with 84 page ONLINE PDF Viewer's Guide and is available for $199.95

In both "Four Keys to Successful Parenting" and "Improving Parent Child Relationships," you will see real parents and their children. You will see parents who are imperfect and confused. You will also see parents who are encouraged about becoming better parents and who are forming positive relationships with their children. Their successes, failures, frustrations, insights and joy will help you develop an effective and positive view of parenting.

The parents you meet are struggling with problems and trying hard to be the best parents they can. As they watch videotapes of themselves and their children and discuss what they see with a parenting expert, Carol Lynn Morse, Ph.D., you will gain a new perspective on why parents and children interact as they do. You will learn new skills that will have an immediate positive effect on the quality of your relationship with your child.

Click here to watch the 1-Hour "Four Keys to Successful Parenting" streaming video right now! You get immediate access and will have a full month to view the program at your convenience.

The complete parenting curriculum "Improving Parent-Child Relationships"includes 5 DVDs and 20 half hour episodes. Each episode teaches specific principles and demonstrates specific parenting skills.

In addition, the online PDF Viewer's Guide provides an overview and review of principles and skills. In the guide, specific parent-child interactions are analyzed and practical steps are presented that any parent can put into practice immediately.

Improving Parent Child Relationships:

  • is accessible, appealing and enjoyable to watch
  • produces significant improvements in parenting
  • is based on authentic family life
  • promotes learning from diverse parents
  • is supported by research
Testimonial: Donald T. Saposnick, P.h.D.
Don SaposnekThis set of DVDs gives the viewer sneak peeks inside the homes of actual parents struggling in every-day conflicts with their young children.

You get a ring-side seat as the parents are interviewed by parenting expert, Carol Lynn Morse, Ph.D., and gently guided to think out more effective resolutions to each conflict situation.

In conjunction with the online PDF “Viewer’s Guide� and the DVDs, the basic principles of parenting become crystal clear. This is a wonderful program with great potential for parents and parent educators alike. I highly recommend it.

Donald T. Saposnek, Ph.D., Santa Cruz, CA
Clinical-Child Psychologist, Child Custody Mediator, Family Therapist and Parent Educator


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