Improving Parent Child Relationships - a complete parenting curriculum

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Improving Parent-Child Relationships
with Carol Lynn Morse, Ph.D.
20 Episodes - Each episode is 29 minutes.
5 DVDs complete set, incl. online PDF workbook
$199.95 + $5.95 s/h
$10.95 International s/h 

Episode 1: Building an Effective Relationship

Each half-hour episode is accompanied by an in-depth workbook. The episode and its lessons are summarized and expanded upon. Click, below, to see the work book for episode 1.

Watch real-life video of families in action

Improving Parent-Child Relationships consists of 20 half-hour episodes. Each episodes combines candid video of families in action along with the expert analysis and commentary of Caro Lynne Morse. You will learn:

  • A positive approach to discipline
  • How to establish parental credibility without punishment or coercion
  • How to build a positive relationship with your child
  • Strategies to increase cooperation and contribution in the family
  • Effective easy to set up and maintain rules and routines

20 Half-Hour Episodes are included in the full 5 DVD set:

  1. Building an Effective Relationship
  2. Being Firm without Being Authoritarian
  3. Developing a Mutually Respectful Relationship
  4. Dealing with Bids for Power & Attention
  5. Reducing Power Struggles
  6. Learning When to Intervene & Competition Between Siblings
  7. Learning How to Be Firm & Consistent
  8. Acting on Limits without Reminding
  9. Dealing with Perfectionism and Control
  10. Being Firm and Unimpressed with Drama
  11. Planning Ahead to Be More Consistent
  12. Making Up Your Mind & Sticking with It
  13. Working with a Special-Needs Child
  14. Promoting Appropriate Self-Reliance in Children
  15. Developing Appropriate Separation & Routine
  16. Act Sooner & Explain Less
  17. A Firm & Encouraging Father
  18. Dealing with Hitting & Slow Eating
  19. The Rewards of Standing Firm & Talking Less
  20. Good Routines, Consistent Expectations, Capable Children

Complete 20 half-hour episodes on 5 DVDs (10 hours total) including 84 page online PDF workbook - $199.95

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